🔗 Why Apple’s iPad is my personal gadget of the decade

A PC is a personal computer, and a personal computer is any digital device you use to create, collaborate, and communicate. I find that I can perform all three tasks most efficiently on my iPad.

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@odd same here, the only time I really need to switch to my MBP is when I need to work on a bigger screen (connected to an external display) and that’s only during the registration period for football (⚽️), otherwise since iPadOS came out it’s effectively become my personal computer.

@matpacker @odd The iPad isn’t my main machine but it’s important to me. Otherwise, yup. It occurred to me just now that the Mac I’m typing on now might be the last PC I own. The iPad isn’t QUITE ready to do everything, but this Mac is only a year old, and in a few years I expect the iPad will be ready.

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